Open Play, Rental & Membership


Summer Open Play

For non-members. Open Play fees are waived for membership holders.

We have organized level of play with separate courts per skill level and welcome everyone from beginner to advanced! Our Summer rate for “drop in’s” is $10 for 4 hours in the morning or $10 for 2 hours in the evening time for non-members. Open play fees are waived if you have purchased a yearly membership.

No registration or reservation needed for Open Play – simply drop in at your convenience during our Open Play hours.
Organized level of play based on skill level!
Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Morning $10 8am - 12pm*
Evening $10 6pm - 8pm*
*We cannot guarantee open play hours during tournament buyouts.

Pickleball Clinics

Welcome to our pickleball clinics, where fun meets skill-building in the exciting world of pickleball! Our clinics are designed to enhance your play through engaging sessions that focus on technique improvement and practical play. It’s the perfect place to learn new strategies, refine your skills, and enjoy the game alongside fellow enthusiasts.

Introduction to Pickleball

$45per person By Appointment Only

Intermediate Pickleball Lessons

$45per person By Appointment Only
Advanced Pickleball Lessons 4.0+ are available with Coach Noel Javier and Jill Braverman. Please give us a call for more information.

Round Robin

Step into the fun and camaraderie of our Round Robin events! These gatherings are all about enjoying pickleball with a twist of friendly competition. In a Round Robin format, you’ll have the chance to play against a variety of opponents, making it a fantastic way to experience different playing styles and strategies.

Ladder Play

Skill Levels 3.0 & 3.5 $10per person Wednesday 6pm-8pm No reservation required. Free for members.


Skill Levels 4.0+ $10per person Monday at 6pm No reservation required. Free for members.


Our court rental rate is $18 per hour with a maximum of 4 players per court. Each player is responsible for their share of the total. Membership holders have their share of the court rental fee waived. Sign up today to take advantage of our yearly membership.

Court Rental $18per hour
Please call for court reservations and pricing for Tennis
Paddles Rental $5per day
Please call for court reservations and pricing for Tennis

Introductory Price Yearly Membership

If you love pickleball, we have a deal for you! Take advantage of our year-round membership at our introductory rate and join our family.

Solo (1 Person)
Enjoy pickleball all year long for just about a dollar a day!
Sign Up
Couple (2 People)*
You can add additional family members for $100 each**
Sign Up

*Couples and additional members must be under the same household. **Each additional family member must be 21 or under.


  • Enjoy pickleball all year long for just about a dollar a day!
  • Court rental fee is waived
  • Open play fee is waived
  • Courts are available to reserve for free* between 11am to 4pm daily for members
  • Members can reserve courts up to 2 hours per day for free
  • Members get 10% off our merchandise and certain events
*Courts are free to reserve for membership holders, but fees apply to attending guests of members. Contact us to learn more 619.572.4651